About Emily

      Do not choose the lesser life.
      do you hear me.
      do you hear me.
      choose the life that is yours.
      the life that is seducing your lungs.
      that is dripping down your chin.
      – W A H E E D –


      Always seeing the beauty in everyday life, a passion for light and the natural grace of new mothers, there’s a fire in my belly that roars for delivering exceptional imagery to everyday people.

      Hello, I’m Emily King and I’m a maternity, newborn and family photographer based in South East Melbourne.

      Although I simply adore pulling every last shred of loveliness out of any situation we find ourselves in, I am unfortunately not a graceful, perfectly lit, photogenic human. I’m just a real person, doing her best (actually that’s an understatement, I aim higher than that) and my deepest ambitions are not social media “likes” and followers or making a million dollars; but I want to be the best kept Melbourne secret – somebody that real people know, trust and love to be photographed by, its as simple as that.

      I’m a mum (2 babes) and my greatest joy is the family my husband and I created. We live close to the beach and dream one day of living in the country however I doubt we’ll ever move, our home seems to have implanted itself into our DNA.

      We’ve been together since we were just babies, 17 years old. So we’ve grown together and as we’ve had our own children, have held on tight and stared wide-eyed at the rollercoaster life that parenting brings. Woah, it’s crazy isn’t it? I love to laugh at awkward things kids do, and there is literally nothing your child can do in a session that will put me off; I don’t want perfectly behaved angels, I’m much more comfortable with kids that are unruly, naughty, cheeky and generally not towing the line, so if you’re ok with that then I am too 😉

      Take a big deep breath, make yourself comfortable and please soak up the loveliness that is glorious baby bumps, newborn miracles and dreamy families.